Infutor Batch Documentation

Infutor Overview

Infutor is the expert in data-driven Consumer Identity Management. We are
100% focused on enabling brands to instantly know what they need to about
consumers, exactly when they need it, to make informed marketing and risk
mitigation decisions. With deep experience building and linking elite,
trusted data sources, Infutor is a specialist in delivering solutions that
accurately identify consumers before, during and in-between engagements.
Every day, Fortune 1000 clients rely on us to:

  • Identify, verify and score inbound consumers on-demand, as they interact
    with them, using as little as a single identifier.
  • Link what they already know about their customers and prospects,
    update/add missing identifiers and provide enhanced knowledge including
    demographic, lifestyle and behavioral attributes for optimal
  • Enable increased reach of digital marketing initiatives (through higher
    onboarding match rates, using the broadest identifiers available).

As a result, only Infutor gives brands a secure, privacy compliant
foundation to improve inbound engagement and outbound omnichannel marketing
reach, and to minimize losses due to fraud and non-payment.

PowerFlex Overview

Powerflex is an automated batch platform which processes files via sftp.
Infutor’s preferred format is tab delimited text, however the platform
accepts most standard file formats, including both delimited (tab, pipe,
comma, tilde) and fixed position. The system can receive files in plain csv,
txt, encrypted or compressed zip format and will post results in the same
format as was input or in a different format. The recommended column layout
is below (Infutor has the ability to customize job layouts and adjust column
order, delimiter, etc. to meet client needs). Files for processing are
posted to a project folder on the Infutor system. The system automatically
detects a new file in the inbox, and begins processing the file. A
notification email is sent to alert the client the job was received and is
processing. Upon job completion, a result file is posted in the outbox
folder, and a notification email is sent to the client indicating the job is
finished and available for pickup.

Powerflex 2 supports Dynamic Header names for some of the input fields for
every product. The list of currently supported Dynamic Names is as follows

Static Name Dynamic Options
Address Full_Address FullAddress, Street Address
Address1 Address Line 1, Address_line_1, address 1, Street Address 1, Full
Address2 Address Line 2, Address_Line_2, address 2
AID Address ID, Address_ID
AptDesignator Unit Type, unit_type, apttype, apartment type, apartment designator,
AptNbr Apartment Number, Unit Number, UnitNbr
City city, CITY
consentdate Consent Date, Consent_Date
Email Email Address, Email_Address
FName FirstName, Given Name, Given_Name, First_Name, First Name, fname,
FullName UnparsedName, Full Individual Name, Full Name, Full_Name,
Full_Individual_Name, Individual_Name, Name
HHID HouseholdID,Household ID,Household_ID
HouseNbr street number,street_number,house number,house_number
IP IP Address, ip address, ip
LName LastName, Last Name, Last_Name, Surname, Family Name,
Family_Name,FamilyName, lname, LNAME
md5 MD5, Hash_Md5, HashMd5
MName MiddleName, Middle Name
Phone Phone Number, phone_number, telephone number, telephone_number,
Phone1, Telephone
Phone2 Second Phone, Second Phone Number, Second_Phone,
Second_Phone_Number, Phone Number 2
sha1 SHA1, Hash_Sha1, HashSha1
sha2 SHA2, Hash_Sha2, HashSha2
Ssn4 SSN4, ssn4
State STATE, state_code, State Code, StateCode
Suffix NameSuffix, Name Suffix
Zip zip, ZIP
Zip4 zip4, ZIP4, z4, Z4
Zip5 zip5, ZIP5, Postal Code, Postal_Code, 5 Digit Zip Code